We like the term `win-win’

We are a team that is completely focussed on professional excellence and believe in executing tasks to perfection. Delta4Cast represents the coming together of three streams of the broadcast industry – Content, Production and Systems Integration. These three streams form the base of the pyramid that we stand on.And all our three streams work on a single platform:


We know broadcast And we know production. And we know technology. We have experts who can help you build your 4K shooting kit, consultants to guide you through post-production work-flows, mechanical engineers to design the most elaborate of production vehicles and system architects who can plan an entire automation network. From a camera battery to an OB truck and everything in between.

Our business

Established in 2013, the Delta4cast now has three distinct lines of business: System Integration, Production and Content Creation. These three divisions complement each other, giving our customers advantages that our competitors cannot match. Being an equipment dealer and stockist as well as an integrator means we have the buying power to negotiate the best supply, service and after-sale support deals with manufacturers. And our systems knowledge benefits our equipment-sale customers, providing them with access to people with real life experience of how one manufacturer’s equipment will work with another’s. We bring together the people, products, skills and technologies to bridge the gap between traditional broadcast and a new digital media environment, providing a breadth of resources and services to customers in all corners of the globe.

Calling Media Houses

We are an experienced team of professionals working with regional, national and international media houses to provide content support and training and also bring out news stories from untouched areas of India and Sri Lanka. With top class talent and latest technology, we are equipped to deal with on-demand stories, road-shows, meeting deadlines of stories that are pitched, interviews, live-links, multi-cam debates, sourcing content, personalities and stories. The content team is equipped to provide total support to up-coming news channel ventures who may need to train fresh talent and set up a news management system that is efficient and fail-proof.

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